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There exist individuals who possess an enlightened comprehension of the relationship between the spirit realm and world of man. In obtaining this elevated status, they are able to interact with both worlds equally. It is said that before the age of Avatar when mankind lived in sheltered cities, there existed eight individuals who could imbue spiritual power into their weapons and objects. These eight hermits traversed the Spirit Wilds as opposed to living in fear surrounded by walls; they chose to gain absolute freedom. But the Spirit Wilds were filled with dangerous creatures who despised human; monsters that hunted mankind for both sport and malicious purposes. The Eight Immortals, upon understanding the nature of one's spiritual power, developed the Covert Eight Immortal Style. A series of forms which allowed one to spread positive or negative energy through a medium in order to interact with the physical realm. After their transcendence, the Covert Eight Immortal Style was submerged by the waves of time. Only few warriors who journeyed deep into the Spirit World and trained under one of the Eight Immortals have accessed this ability. The most recent being both swordmaster Huashan and his pupil Wei Meng.

The Covert Eight Immortal Style is a technique which allows one to imbue either positive or negative spiritual energy into one's valuable object to achieve a variety of different affects. The purpose was originally to creature weapons capable of actually harming spirits. The Eight Immortals could destroy or even heal opposing spirits using their Fǎqì (法器), weapons which were connected to the user. However, there were instances where the Eight Immortals and their disciples had to utilize this unique technique against human's. Depending on whether they are utilizing negative or positive energy, the resulting wound could range from life saving to utterly fatal.


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Dual Wielding Yin and Yang


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