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Lee is a master firebender, hailing from the Bhanti Tribe. Initially training in the ways of the Sage and Shamans, he would be drawn to the life of the master firebenders of the main land. Travelling there, and learning the trades there as well, he essentially became a bridge between the Tribe and the mainland. Becoming a firebending master, Lee took up the trade of mastering heat bending as well, along with his most famed usage of lightning, surpassing Lightning Bolt Zolt at a younger age that the older lightning bender.

Well developed into the lightning bending trade, Lee has established himself as a powerful firebender, and lightning bender, able to generate it quickly, along with the power of redirecting it. His skill with lightning has earned him great fame. This has extended to his mastery over heat as well, and his powers of sensing chi and energy.

Alongside his skill with firebending, Lee is known for his skill in swordsmenship, having learned from Zuko, a student of the great Piandao, and Sokka as well, during his abroad travels. Returning home, he serves as a guard for the new Fire Lord, Zuko's child, while serving as the bridge between the Bhanti and the Fire mainland still, gaining the status of Sage, retaining and refining his shaman skills.