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Pirate King


Water Tribe


Blue Pegasus



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Blue Pegasus
Water Tribe


Reedon Tribe 

Weapon of choice Snow (Rarely)
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Water Bender
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Water Tribe

Shadeon is Snow Demon from Water Tribe. He have got team Blue Pegasus. He's Leader of team.


Shadeon parents killed by Fire Tribe. 9 Years later he create team Blue Pegasus and rob ship. He have got seen world all place. Next they being pirates and rob fire nation ships.


Shadeon is waterbender but he like bending snow most. He is ninja, too. Inside him is demon of snow. Snow demon is uncontrolable monster, but without this demon he can't snowbending.


Snobending: A type of Magic which allows Shadeon to produce and control snow, and which has been described as powerful enough to turn Shadeon's surroundings into "a world of purest white" in an instant. His control over snow grants him the offensive abilities to generate snowballs or avalanches against his foes. However, users of Ice-Make Magic, or generally individuals resistant to cold, are either immune to Snow Magic or more resilient to it than other people. Such Magic can be employed in conjunction with heavy Magical ammunition, such as the one found on Blue Pegasus airship Farao, to perform more powerful, large-scale attacks.

  • White Blizzard: Through the use of his Snowbending, Shadeon can prompt snowflakes to fall from the sky in a large area, drastically lowering the place's temperature; something which causes human opponents to shiver, at the same time rendering their breath visible.
  • Blizzard: Shadeon has shown the ability to generate and control blizzards, moving them around through hand gestures and using the blunt power granted by their cold winds to strike multiple targets.
  • White Fury: Shadeon extends his right arm forward, with his hand open, and then places his left hand on his right forearm. This prompts a medium-sized snowstorm to be generated from his right palm and fired towards the target. The snowstorm, starting out as rather small near Shadeon's hand, grows larger as it moves away from Shadeon and nears the opponent. This spell can be rapidly used in subsequent reprise, even while Shadeon is moving.
White Fury

White Fury

  • White Fang: Shadeon swings both hands into a clawing-like position, conjuring an offensive spell made out of snow that attacks the aimed target. This was used by Shadeon during the battle with Lian, but the attack was easily dodged