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Yu Cha, 鱼叉
Biographical information

Fire Nation


Fire Nation




July 17th

Physical description



6' 1"

Eye color


Hair color

Dirty Blonde

Skin color

Dark Tan

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Water Tribes

Earth Kingdom

Fighting style(s)

Tai Shing (Wooden Monkey)

Chronological and political information

Bandit Leader of the Unshackled

Yu Cha (鱼叉, Harpoon) is the undisputed leader of the Unshackled, a group of men dedicated to the singular cause of freedom. Freedom to do as one choices, pleases, and desires. Wanted throughout the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom in due part to these same ideals, he takes them in stride. A skilled Firebender and a tactical mind has allowed him to take a foothold in the Earth Kingdom of the south, known as the Golden Scorpion Port, making it his own personal pirate cove in which neutral parties can flow through so long as no slave or shackled man be carried as cargo through.

His endeavors to free the world has allowed him to become popular with the poor people, flocking to his bay in which to begin their new lives on ships and crews in which they can make new beginnings. Though his standing with the law is hostile, he doesn't carry any personal dislike for the nations he comes into contact with, despising their lack of ethics and corruptions alone. After all, without the nations, he'd have no people to free or goods to smuggle. Claiming no titles, there is only one given to him, and it is by the wanted posters his face are on, dubbing him the Jinse Xie (蝎, Golden Scorpion) for his crimes.




Bending Arts

Firebending is the energetic art of manipulating one's external energies, the transferal of the one's chi into explosive and aggressive release. Yu Cha moves across the field with the energy of a destructive force, tossing and hurling fire in lobbing arcs and spirals so that foes move into directions he can take advantage of. This particular form he possesses is what coined his bounty name, the Golden Scorpion, though it is merely an improvised fighting style. Full of feigns, deceptions, and coiled reactions, Yu Cha takes the initiative by letting his enemies make the first move. During the heat of battle, Yu Cha evaluates his foes with good measure until he has recognized their style, their movements, their timings, and their weaknesses. Then he strikes, and gives nothing back that he has taken.

While he is skilled at Firebending and his style is strong, Yu Cha's true power comes from his specialized bending art. Heat control that extends to smoke and steam, and allows him to turn the previous flames he creates, into obscuring heat around his body and chains. Making him a deadly instrument in a fight, Yu Cha uses this temperature increase on his body to burn away at his foes, striking them with his palms, arms, and chest and allowing him to easily combat the Water Tribes he comes into contact with - and from which this very form was born.

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