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Zhuyin, in a manner similar to the members of the Fire Nation Royal Family, bears the appearance of a noble birth coursing through his veins strongly. His strictly trained background translates into his persona immediately, showing the stance he takes in daily life: upright and tall, giving him the appearance of seemingly authoritative man who demands respect. One particular portion of his appearance is his figure. He is relatively tall, but holds a lean and trim figure, which, combined with the various experiences he has been through, is highly muscular. This is combined with his spiky black hair worn in a common look, as it is fairly long and straight with a wild touch to it and it faces towards his right, obscuring a portion of his angular, handsome, face and strikingly warm, golden eyes, morphing into the image that can only be called Zhuyin. He often has a goatee as well.

The main attire that Zhuyin wears is rather simple. He began to wear a reddish-brown, sleeveless shirt. Over this, he wears a sleeveless, high-collare, short cloak with golden trim on the collar. Along with this, he wore a light brown scarf. Zhuyin also wears a pair of similarly reddish-brown pants of a fairly average style and appearance. Zhuyin wears black shoes that go up to the point right blow his knee, with pointed does and a golden line running from the toe to the collar of the shoe, and has a tan-colored sole.




Lightning Generation

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  • Zhuyin's name translates to "illuminating darkness" (燭陰).
  • Zhuyin's author has stated that if Zhuyin had a voice actor, Jensen Ackles would be his ideal voice actor.
  • Zhuyin enjoys cute things, relaxing, music, swimming, hunting, reading, history, and training.
  • Zhuyin's favorite food is moo-shrimp (an amphibious cattle and shrimp hybrid), and dislikes vegetarian and vegan dishes. Zhuyin also enjoys drinking tea, usually lotus or jasmine tea. Zhuyin tends to avoid drinking alcohol and cactus juice.
  • Zhuyin fears gecko frogs, calling them ugly creatures.
  • Zhuyin is known to dislike blood; not for its appearance, but rather its smell.
  • Zhuyin has great respect for Iroh.
  • Zhuyin wishes to have a firebending match with a combustionbender.
    • Zhuyin would also like to have a bending match with Toph Beifong as well.
  • Zhuyin wishes to experience the power of Sozin's Comet.


  • "Fate only gets one so far, once you get there you must make the rest yourself."
  • "When you try to master something, you will either succeed or fail, but in the attempt, you will find your true value."
  • "What makes a monster and what makes a man?"
  • "When a man is pushed to his absolute limits what does he do? He will charge in with every last bit of strength he has and tear down any wall that dare stand in his way!"
  • "Life is a grand mystery. No one holds its true meaning, you decide for yourself what it holds. More and more it confuses me and draws me forward, like a moth to the night sky's moon. It is amazing how lives can differ so greatly, even under similar situations. It shows the uniqueness of each and every life."
  • "Just like any other weapon or tool, one must train with the bending arts to become good with it. While some are naturally gifted, you have to work to maintain your gifts."